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Research & Development

General Dynamics UK’s Research and Development (R&D) programme ensures that we can provide our customers with UK developed, low risk, system solutions meeting their present and future needs using the best technologies.

The R&D projects address the knowledge base and tools required for prime system integration and delivering selected products, which provide discriminating capability needed to satisfy current and future customer requirements. This ensures that our customers can gain access to cutting edge system solutions whose risk, and thus cost, has been significantly reduced by General Dynamics internal investment.

The R&D programme draws on a wide range of sources including: internal innovative ideas from our own employees, innovation from within our supply chain, innovation from SME’s (captured though the EDGE network) and advanced thinking and concepts from a wide base of academic partners.

Current programmes can provide a core capability which is then advanced to higher levels of utility and performance for application in existing and new programmes. Other capabilities are developed from their inception in our own internal development labs, ready for customer application.

Development of these capabilities within the UK ensures that the needs for UK sovereign control through the full life cycle are satisfied; and that the UK is well positioned to address the needs of customers world-wide. General Dynamics UK, with its worldwide links to other members of the General Dynamics family, also exploits developments in other divisions and non-General Dynamics Companies by transferring the applicable technologies to the UK.


EDGE UK is a state-of-the-art facility located at General Dynamics UK’s site in South Wales.

The facility provides partners from across small- to medium-sized enterprises, academia and customers with access to virtual and physical collaboration environments.

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