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C4I Systems

Building upon the proven delivery experience gained through the design, development, integration, test, delivery and support of the Bowman Tactical Voice/Data communications to the UK Armed Forces, our dedicated International Sales and Marketing team are now offering these services to our customers world-wide.

The Bowman solution currently in-service with the UK Armed Forces, is a comprehensive secure tactical voice communications and data infrastructure solution upon which multiple software applications (Battlefield Information Systems Applications – BISAs) will reside.

Our export customers have a wide breadth of requirements ranging from simple cost-effective solutions all the way through to state-of-the-art Bowman-like solutions. General Dynamics UK has developed an export architecture that is able to span these requirements, to ensure that our solutions have in-built growth potential.

The below shows the key features and benefits of the portfolio of export offerings that General Dynamics UK has developed to meet our export customers’ needs:

Key Features

  • Utilising existing communications infrastructure wherever it is cost-effective to do so.
  • In-built technology growth path.
  • Scaleable solutions for the Tactical, Operational, and Strategic domains.
  • Tailored solutions built from best-of-breed products drawn from the global marketplace.
  • Building upon indigenous capability.

Customer Benefits

  • Preserves previous customer investment.
  • Future proofing of solution, and maximises investment benefits.
  • A low risk end-to-end Communications architectural solution.
  • The best cost effective, low risk solution to meet our customers specific requirements.
  • Developing the in-country industrial base, and ensuring long term support capacity.


General Dynamics UK is supplying the Royal Netherlands Navy with the New Integrated Marines Communications and Information System – NIMCIS. NIMCIS is a programme to equip the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps (RNLMC) with the Bowman C4I system, which is being rolled out to the UK Armed Forces by General Dynamics UK.

NIMCIS provides the RNLMC with a secure voice and data communications infrastructure capable of supporting a range of network-enabled command, control, communications, computing and intelligence systems. In addition to a standalone system capability for the Marines, a key feature of NIMCIS is the interoperability it provides between the Netherlands and UK forces, as allies and as part of the UK/NL Amphibious Force, as well as interoperability with other allied forces. NIMCIS replaces a variety of legacy communications systems within RNLMC.

The NIMCIS system enhances the capabilities of the Marine Corps and provides them with the ability to continue to operate effectively in the digital age,” said a spokesman for the RNLMC.

The Bowman system provides a state of the art, transformational voice and data capability that will put the Dutch Marines at the leading edge of proven network-enabled battlefield command and control. It is right and fitting that the Dutch Marines would want the advanced capability British forces are already receiving, to achieve interoperability in the UK/NL Amphibious Force,” said Sandy Wilson president and managing director of General Dynamics UK. “We are delighted to have won our first Bowman export contract. This is a major success for General Dynamics UK, and confirmation Bowman is a battlefield discriminator.”

General Dynamics UK is the prime systems integrator for NIMCIS, which brings together products from world-class communications and command and control suppliers, including ITT Defence Limited and Harris Systems Limited.

Romania Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV)

As part of their NATO commitments, the Romanian Ministry of Defence had a requirement to declare a Mechanised Battalion available to NATO in October 2005.

To ensure interoperability with other NATO echelons, the declared battalion needed to be equipped with a secure digital voice and data solution that also included an element of Situation Awareness.

In November 2004, General Dynamics UK and its in-country partner Interactive Business Solutions, was awarded a contract to supply a secure voice and data solution for three Battalions of Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Our dedicated programme delivery team, designed, developed, and integrated a solution to the Romanian requirement, which was subsequently installed and supported by our in-country partner.

In October 2005, following successful manoeuvres, the NATO inspection concluded that the Battalion was fully operational and was ready to take its place in NATO.

Following on from the success of the initial IFV Battalions, General Dynamics UK has subsequently been awarded contract extensions covering a further two Battalions of Mountaineers, and our team are now working in partnership with the Romanian MoD to define an end-to-end Communications Architecture.