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Whether on the ground, the sea or in the air, SoftMap® provides full digital map and enhanced situational awareness.

Any application that requires digital mapping can use SoftMap as its core. SoftMap is a platform-independent software solution offering rapid, intelligent, coherent and precise multi-layered digital map, navigation and terrain displays through to full tactical situation awareness.

Key capabilities of SoftMap® include:

  • Enhanced Digital Map
  • Smooth moving or fixed position, slewable display
  • North up or rotated
  • Wide US and European vector, raster and matrix map and navigation data support
  • Mixed and merged vector, raster and matrix based layers
  • Navigational layers
  • Softmap 1Mission support
  • Tactical awareness
  • Threat and line of sight processing
  • 3D visualisation
  • Digital information and imagery display
  • Rapid HMI development tool compatibility.

SoftMap uses the platform-independent OpenGL graphics API and requires minimal operating system support to operate. As a result, SoftMap can be hosted on a wide range of platforms from embedded environments through to personal computers.

SoftMap Studio

Softmap 4SoftMap Studio is a Microsoft Windows application that gives the user full control over digital map formats and prepares the SoftMap map database used in the embedded environment. SoftMap Studio is the key to offering a range of SoftMap functionality according to different needs.

SoftMap 178

General Dynamics UK can supply a certification pack which contains artefacts to support platform certification to DO-178B.

SoftMap support and integrated solutions

Softmap 5General Dynamics UK can provide a range of support services for developing and deploying SoftMap- based systems to assist rapid and low risk integration. Where the standard SoftMap product does not exactly match customer requirements, General Dynamics UK can provide services to tailor SoftMap to meet those specific needs. General Dynamics UK can also offer a range of SoftMap-based integrated solutions from embedded single card systems to completely integrated turnkey solutions.

SoftMap Partnering

PresagisGeneral Dynamics UK Ltd have partnered with Presagis to highlight the compatibility and increased benefit of developing applications using SoftMap with the Presagis VAPS HMI tool.


To find out more about VAPS from Presagis go to, or contact them at

Proven digital map capability

General Dynamics UK has over 15 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of advanced digital mapping solutions, from delivery of SoftMap software through to fully integrated systems.

SoftMap enquiries

To find out how SoftMap can solve your situational awareness requirements contact the SoftMap Solutions team at General Dynamics UK by e-mail at