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Secure Data Recorder

Secure video, audio and data recording solution

General Dynamics UK has more than 30 years experience of providing solid state digital data recording solutions for land based and avionic systems. To address the ever increasing need for security of the data recorded, General Dynamics UK has developed a family of multi-channel secure data recorders based on their security accredited airborne solid state recording system.

The Secure Data Recorder (SDR) provides an accreditable security solution allowing the user to operate in unfriendly environments with the confidence that data is safely stored. The SDR has been qualified for both manned and unmanned platforms operating in the air, land and maritime environments.


The SDR is suitable for the transfer of data on and off all types of platforms through the use of the easily inserted data brick. Typical transfers includes the uploading of mission data and digital map data along with the extraction of recorded data such as EO sensor video, voice communications and
tactical mission data. A low risk affordable security option is available for all family variants.

The SDR product family provides a core hardware unit that can be configured to support an array of
different input data types including:

  • Mil Std 1553
  • ARINC 429
  • Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet
  • RS242/422
  • Video over IP
  • PAL & NTSC video
  • Standard and High Definition video.