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Netlink Data Link Processor

Tactical network multi-link processing for today and the future

Data links are a key component in meeting the vision for networked warfare in the Joint and Coalition battle space. Connectivity provides timely situation awareness aiding effective command and control to ensure correct, high tempo engagement.

General Dynamics is focused on connectivity through the provision of communications and data link systems, with over 15 years experience delivering into Air, Land and Naval assets.

Applications include:

  • Command and Control (C2)
  • Maritime Patrol
  • Ground based air defence
  • Tactical reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Joint and coalition operations.

The NetLink DLP family offers:

  • Operational proven maturity
  • Fast, accurate, reliable message processing to ensure error free high temp operations
  • Prove flexible interface for risk free mission system integration
  • High degree of automation to support message standards evolution
  • Complete life cycle support.