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Whither Warfare

The key question we have to ask is: “Where is warfare going in the future?”.

As an integral part of General Dynamics UK, the Research Foundation exists to foster understanding of the evolving nature of warfare, with particular emphasis on command and battlespace management.

The Research Foundation sponsors periodic conferences under the ‘Whither Warfare’ banner to promote debate of topical issues. These conferences attract defence policy makers and acknowledged experts from academia to present their views and to participate in discussion with an audience drawn from across the defence community.

We welcome suggestions for topics for future conferences. Please send your ideas to Nicholas Beswick by clicking here.

Previous Whither Warfare Conferences

Mar 2017 – Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Mission Systems Integration.
MoD Partner: Chief of the General Staff.

Apr 2015 – Mechanised Force.
MoD Partner: Chief of the General Staff.

Sept 2013 – Defence implications of advances in technology.
MoD Partner: Chief Scientific Adviser.

Feb 2012 – The Future of the Army Reserves.
MoD Partner: The Chief of the General Staff.
Download the programme and application form here.

May 2011 – Modern Warfare: Past lessons, Future conflict. The challenge facing military education in the 21st Century.
MoD Partner: The Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

Feb 2010 – Preventing Conflict – Co-opting, deterring, coercing and neutralising the adversary of the future.
MoD Partner: The Chief of the General Staff
Download the discussion paper ‘Preventing Conflict’ by David Ralph.

Jun 2009 – Achieving Battlespace Understanding.
MoD Partner: Army’s Command & Control Development Centre.

May 2008 – Enabling Operational Command – the present reality of land battlespace information systems and their future promise.
MoD Partner: HQ Land Forces.

Nov 2007 – The Strategic Balance 2015-2025: Optimising the Maritime Contribution to Joint Theatre Effect.
MoD Partner: First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff.

Nov 2006 – Operational Command & Defence Business.
MoD Partner: Director General Information.

Jun 2006 – The Challenge of Technology.
MoD Partner: Director Science & Technology.

May 2006 – Countering Irregular Activity.
MoD Partner: DG Development, Concepts & Doctrine.

May 2005 – Information Exploitation.
MoD Partner: DG Information.

Oct 2004 – Whither Componency.
MoD Partner: DG Joint Doctrine & Concepts.

Jun 2004 – Command & Battlespace Management.
MoD Partner: DG Information.

Mar 2004 – Logistic Transformation.
MoD Partner: Chief of Defence Logistics.

Jul 2003 – Land Environment NEC.
MoD Partner: Director Land Digitization.

Apr 2003 – Whither Command & Control.
MoD Partner: DG Joint Doctrine & Concepts.