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General Dynamics UK Unveils First SCOUT Specialist Vehicle Pre-Production Prototype at DVD 2014

General Dynamics UK today unveiled the first pre-production prototype SCOUT Specialist Vehicle (SV) at DVD 2014 at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire.  The platform, a Protected Mobility Recce Support (PMRS) variant, showcases the step-change in Armoured Fighting Vehicle capability being delivered to the British Army.

In service, PMRS will provide safe transportation of fully-equipped soldiers in a well-protected environment.  On dismount, troops will be able to more effectively conduct a variety of tasks, such as dismounted surveillance (including patrols), observation posts and close target reconnaissance.  Its extensive capabilities include acoustic detectors, a laser warning system, a local situational awareness system, an electronic countermeasure system, a route marking system, an advanced electronic architecture and a high performance power pack.

General Dynamics UK recently completed the Base Platform Critical Design Review (CDR) for the PMRS variant, as part of the SCOUT SV programme. The overarching CDR for the PMRS variant, which will take place this year, will establish the final design of the variant for future production, drawing upon lessons learned from the PMRS pre-production prototype.

Kevin Connell, vice president at General Dynamics UK – Land Systems, said:

“Today marks an important day in the SCOUT Specialist Vehicle programme.   DVD is the perfect place to unveil the first SV pre-production prototype and to demonstrate the capabilities of the PMRS variant, which is just one of a family of world-leading armoured fighting vehicles General Dynamics UK is developing for the British Army.”

Each SCOUT SV platform variant will be a highly-agile, tracked, medium-weight armoured fighting vehicle, providing British troops with state-of-the-art protection. SCOUT SV vehicles are developed upon a highly-adaptable and capable Common Base Platform, maximising commonality in mobility, electronic architecture and survivability that ensures the British Army has a family of world-class platforms.

Also at DVD 2014, General Dynamics will be showcasing two variants from the Ocelot Family of Vehicles (FoV), based on the highly capable British Foxhound vehicle, and the Light Armoured Vehicle Demonstrator (LAV Demonstrator) platform, based on the world-leading technologies of the Canadian Army LAV 6.0.  In addition, General Dynamics will demonstrate its end-to-end Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) service; whilst Lockheed Martin UK will showcase its SCOUT SV Engineering Development Unit (EDU) on General Dynamics’ stand.