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General Dynamics to Showcase its Capabilities at DVD 2014

General Dynamics will showcase a selection of its capabilities in the land domain at DVD 2014.  The event takes place at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 June.

The first SCOUT Specialist Vehicle (SV) pre-production prototype vehicle will be unveiled at DVD.  The platform, a Protected Mobility Recce Support (PMRS) variant, will provide safe transportation for fully-equipped soldiers in a well-protected environment.  The pre-production prototype will showcase the step-change in armoured fighting vehicle capability being delivered to the British Army.

General Dynamics recently completed the Base Platform Critical Design Review (CDR) for the PMRS variant.  The review covered the PMRS system architecture, including the physical architecture and software, its sub-systems and PMRS specific design interfaces, as well as confirming its mine and ballistic survivability design following an extensive test regime.

Each SCOUT SV platform variant – one of which is the PMRS variant – will be a highly-agile, tracked, medium-weight armoured fighting vehicle, providing British troops with state-of-the-art protection. SCOUT SV vehicles are developed upon a highly-adaptable and capable Common Base Platform, maximising commonality in mobility, electronic architecture and survivability that ensures the British Army has a family of world-class platforms.

General Dynamics will also be demonstrating two variants from the Ocelot Family of Vehicles (FoV). The Ocelot light tactical 4×4 protected patrol vehicle is in-service with the British Army in Afghanistan, known as Foxhound.

The first variant on display is the Ocelot (O), an open architecture (WMiK) variant, which combines the outstanding mobility and blast protection of the Ocelot protected patrol vehicle with greater local situational awareness, agility and firepower of open-topped vehicles used by specialist light role and special operations forces.

The second is the Ocelot (U), a Utility variant which combines the same outstanding mobility and blast protection of the Ocelot protected patrol vehicle with a protected three man crew compartment and flat-bed capable of carrying a 2.5T payload.  Ocelot (U) has been developed to meet the requirement of providing support troops with the level of protection they need to work alongside the UK’s combat troops on operations.

The Ocelot FoV uses the same driveline and chassis as the UK’s Foxhound. This has the advantages of common parts and support solutions across the family and reduces the need for bespoke training and maintenance. The mission modules can be ‘swapped out’ in three to four hours, making the Ocelot FoV one of the most adaptable and well-protected light 4×4 tactical vehicles available on the market today.

In addition, these two vehicles will be used to showcase General Dynamics’ end-to-end Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) service.  Vehicle performance data from the two Ocelots’ will be transmitted securely over public and private 4G LTE (Fourth Generation Long-term Evolution) communications networks for rapid analysis.  The company will demonstrate how it can help customers make timely through-life fleet management decisions based on accurate information about a vehicle’s usage and performance, whilst presenting the information on a user-friendly interface.

General Dynamics will also outline its approach to the future of British Armed Forces tactical communications at DVD.  The company has successfully delivered the Bowman tactical communications system, used by the British Armed Forces, since 2004 and it has recently been awarded two further five-year contracts by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to provide the design, engineering and logistic support for the Bowman communication system.  Through these contracts, General Dynamics will deliver the next increment of additional capabilities for the Bowman communication system, whilst delivering new innovations that will continue to provide significant cost benefits to the UK MoD throughout its entire Land Environment Tactical Communications and Information Systems (LE TacCIS) portfolio.

General Dynamics will also showcase the latest in wheeled combat technologies with the Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) Demonstrator.  Based on the Canadian Army’s LAV 6.0, the LAV Demonstrator represents best in-class levels of protection with blast-deflecting Double-V Hull technology and energy-absorbing seating for crew and troops.  A sixth generation suspension and driveline and a more powerful engine provide superior mobility and significantly increased payload, while the 30mm Kongsberg PROTECTOR RWS ensures highly accurate and lethal firepower.  All systems on the LAV Demonstrator are currently in production and available as off-the-shelf technology.

Lockheed Martin UK will also showcase its SCOUT SV Engineering Development Unit (EDU) on General Dynamics’ stand.  The EDU is representative of the Scout reconnaissance variant turret concept.  The EDU is used to de-risk development and early testing and integration of the turret system.  The EDU includes the CT40 cannon and ammunition handling system, the traverse and elevation motor and gearbox, primary and secondary sighting systems and the turret basket with seating.

Please visit the General Dynamics area at DVD 2014, at Stand OR-46 in the Off-Road Area.