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Meet Yosu, graduate engineer based in South Wales

Meet Yosu, a graduate engineer, based at Oakdale in South Wales.

In his spare time, Yosu enjoys meeting up with his friends, watching his favourite football team and reading about history.

Why did you choose to pursue a career with General Dynamics UK?

I decided to join General Dynamics UK as it is a huge global company. The chance of moving to a completely different country and getting to know the people and the culture is something that was very exciting.

My greatest achievement would definitely be joining the Company. As I am Spanish, it was a challenging as I was competing against other very skilled candidates within the graduate market – and all in my second language!

What does your role entail?

Currently, I am part of the EvO system integration and testing team. My daily tasks range from working in the labs to integrate software components delivered by the other teams, to writing test cases for those integrated systems against the required capabilities. This also involves a traceability job, to ensure tests match with the system requirements for the EvO programme.

The atmosphere within my team is great as everyone is engaged in producing a high quality job, leading to good results achieved as a team – working truly as an integration team! It is also exciting getting exposure to different tasks.

Why would you recommend General Dynamics UK as a great place to work?

Everyone is always willing to help and committed to doing a good job as you know that you can ask anyone about almost anything and you will always obtain a satisfactory answer to your question.