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Celebrating Reserves Day – meet Salieu, graduate engineer

We met up with one of our graduate engineers, Salieu, who has recently joined the Reserves, to find out more about his experience…

Salieu joined the General Dynamics UK graduate scheme last year as a graduate engineer, based at our site in South Wales. As part of his graduate role, Salieu has rotated around different business areas, working on the Armoured Fighting Vehicle Platform Battlefield Information System Application (PBISA), and on a platform configuration tool.

“Being a Reservist is important to me because I believe a lot of attributes and skills that the military and Reserves try to cultivate are transferable and advantageous to civilian life.”

Salieu is a recruit in the Holding Troop at the Royal Marines Reserve in Cardiff, learning skills from map reading to weapon handling. As a Reserve, he has learnt self-discipline and staying calm under stress – attributes which are also beneficial as an engineer within the workplace.

“I would encourage others to join the Reserves in any of the three military branches, because it provides not only physical and mental challenges that will allow you to develop as a person, but they also give an insight into the role of the military in society.”

Salieu’s proudest moment as a Reservist was during the Potential Royal Marine Course, where he completed the endurance course and four-mile run back to camp. In five years’ time, Salieu hopes to have obtained his green beret and be part of the trained rank.