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Celebrating Reserves Day – meet Stefan, senior systems engineer

We met up with Stefan, senior systems engineer at General Dynamics UK, based in Oakdale, South Wales, who is also a reservist for 53 Signal Squadron, based in Cardiff.

As a senior systems engineer, Stefan is testing and developing the latest military communications network. This involves integrating radios, computers and other hardware into a workable system.

“I enjoy being an engineer during the week and a soldier at the weekend – it’s the best of both worlds!”

Since joining a year ago as a Royal Signals Sergeant, Stefan is employed as a communications systems operator. He enjoys the flexibility of being a Reservist with the choice of attending Reserves during the week or at the weekends – choosing what suits his work and home schedule. Being part of the military is also beneficial as part of his role as a systems engineer, helping build a better relationship with the customer.

“I’d encourage others to join the Reserves as it allows you to learn new skills and challenges without a big commitment. With a wife and three children, I like the fact that I only have to commit to a minimum of 27 days a year.”

Being a Reservist is important to Stefan.  Having transferred from the regular Army in 2017, it still enables him to pursue a career in the Army alongside a civilian role.