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International Women in Engineering Day – meet Caroline, system integration engineer

Name: Caroline

Role: System integration engineer

Site: Oakdale, South Wales


About your role…

I’m a system integration engineer, involved in carrying out tests on the different systems, conducting fault diagnosis on various systems, writing tests scripts, writing test procedures, recording and reporting results.

What are you currently working on at General Dynamics UK?

Working at General Dynamics UK has given me the opportunity to get involved with many different systems, including tactical communication systems, electrical systems, avionics systems, weapons systems and software. It has also allowed me to contribute to the development of various testing procedures, such as test scripts and testing procedures development. This is part of the AJAX programme, which is delivering Armoured Fighting Vehicles to the Ministry of Defence.

“Engineering forces you to think, and come up with solutions to all sorts of issues that may arise.”

Why engineering?

I became interested in engineering after my grandparents suggested that engineering would suit my type of mind. I was very exploratory in nature, and tended to dissect and analyse everyday situations.

What is your favourite thing about engineering?

It’s the fact that it forces you to think, and come up with solutions to all sorts of issues that may arise.

Your experience at General Dynamics UK…

I have had a really good experience at General Dynamics UK; be it the working environment, or the work itself. I have been very lucky in that the testing team has given me the opportunity to work in different testing departments, ranging from hardware testing to software testing on the different systems employed on a daily basis.

“Whatever you do, just give it your 110 per cent and you’ll be smiling.”

What is your advice to young girls interested in engineering?

  • It’s okay to make mistakes and don’t be scared of making mistakes. The most important thing in making mistakes is to learn from those mistakes, keep the lessons with you and apply these lessons on your next attempt.
  • Have a go as many times as you can, and do things better than last time on the next go.
  • Perfection is overrated and no one is perfect, whatever you do, just give it your 110 per cent and you’ll be smiling.
  • Sometimes things might seem really challenging, and it’s okay to fail – just have another go and give it your best.
  • Whenever you face problems in engineering, don’t get stressed – make yourself a cup of tea, go for walk and brainstorm all the possible ways you could solve the problem.
  • Stay humble and remember you will never know everything. Someone out there knows something that you don’t know and they can always teach you, as you can always teach them.