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Celebrating Reserves Day – meet Evan, turret lead engineer

Today, we’re celebrating the Reservists in our Company, in recognition of Reserves Day. We spoke to Evan, turret lead engineer based in Oakdale, South Wales, to find out more about his experience…

As the turret lead engineer on the AJAX armoured vehicle programme, Evan’s role involves working with the team to design, integrate and test the AJAX turret, which includes advanced digital sensors and the latest CT 40mm cannon.

“General Dynamics UK allows flexible working as well as special Reservists’ leave, allowing me to meet my training commitment without using my annual leave.”

As a Reservist, Evan is a gunner in the Royal Artillery – part of a light-gun battery, also undertaking ceremonial firings at Cardiff Castle. Working closely with the Army as a Reservist is beneficial within Evan’s role at General Dynamics UK, as it helps to better understand and communicate user needs – particularly as the British Army is the main customer for AJAX.

Evan joined the Reserves because he wanted to support this increasingly important part of the British Armed Forces. 

“The Army Reserve provides opportunities to gain skills and experiences that simply aren’t available anywhere else,” he explains.

Evan’s proudest moment as a Reservist was completing the two-week Phase 1 Bravo training. In the future, he hopes to support new gunners as they begin their journey in the Army Reserves.