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Celebrating Reserves Day – meet David, graduate engineer

To celebrate Reserves Day, we chatted with David, one of our graduate engineers. David joined General Dynamics UK in 2017, as part of our graduate scheme, and works in the design team for the Evolve to Open (EvO) programme.

David is also an officer cadet in the Royal Navy Reserve (RNR), after joining in September 2018. As an officer cadet, David is progressing through the training pipeline to develop the leadership skills and qualities of an officer, which will help him to become a midshipman, and then on to gain commission as a sub lieutenant.

As a Reserve, David’s proudest moment is passing his Admiralty Interview Board (AIB) exam – a competency-based test, which is part of the Royal Navy’s officer selection process, to ensure a candidate is mentally and physically fit enough to perform their role. David says, “The pass rate for the AIB is very low, and puts you under a high level of mental and physical pressure, so passing this was a great personal achievement.”

Being part of the Royal Navy Reserve is important to David because it allows him to play an important role in global operations, from maritime security to disaster relief.

“It pushes me and allows me to develop into a better leader and person.”

David recommends joining the Royal Navy Reserve because not only is HMS Cambria getting a new home in Cardiff, but it also offers training and development, as well as being a great experience and opportunity to gain lifelong friends.