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What’s it like as a first year apprentice?

Want to know what it’s like to be an apprentice engineer? We met up with Aaron, an apprentice test engineer, based in Hastings, to find out more.

Aaron joined our apprenticeship programme in September 2016 after leaving Bexhill High Academy where he studied 13 GCSE’s including additional biology, chemistry and physics, followed by  BTEC Level 2 in engineering.

Aaron is currently in the first year of his apprenticeship and is working towards a technical certificate in Level 3 electronics at Sussex Downs College, where he spends one day a week and is in the process of completing a Level 3 NVQ.  Aaron chose the apprenticeship route to get a more practical and hands-on experience, and interested in how things work.


“The apprenticeship has provided the right balance of theory and practice, teaching me to apply the theory learnt to practical situations.”

As an apprentice test engineer,a typical day in the life of an apprentice test engineer involves testing circuit boards. If the boards do not pass, they are moved onto the next stage to begin the fault finding process, helping to rectify the problem – eg if a fault component is discovered, it can be replaced and retested and moved onto the next stage.

As an apprentice, Aaron gets involved with other activities including visiting school and college events, providing workshops to encourage science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) – encouraging and influencing young people to reach their career goals.

“I feel the experience within the apprenticeship has given me experience in the world of work which has further prepared me for my future career in engineering.”

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