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Research & Development

General Dynamics UK’s Research and Development (R&D) programme ensures that we can provide customers with UK developed low risk system solutions meeting their present and future needs using the best technologies.

The R&D projects address the knowledge base and tools required for prime system integration, and selected products which provide discriminating capability needed to satisfy current and future customer requirements. This ensures that our customers can find cutting edge system solutions whose risk, and thus cost, is significantly reduced by General Dynamics internal investment.

The R&D programme draws on internal innovative ideas, and on concepts from a wide base of academic partners, ensuring both practical understanding and the most advanced thinking. Current programmes can provide a core capability which is then advanced to higher levels of utility and performance for application in the same and new programmes. Other capabilities are developed from their inception in our own internal development labs to be ready for customer application.

Development of these capabilities in the UK ensures that the needs for UK sovereign control through the full life cycle are satisfied; and that the UK is well positioned to address the needs of customers world wide. General Dynamics UK, with its worldwide links to other members of the GD family, also exploits developments in other General Dynamics Divisions and non-General Dynamics companies, and transfers the technologies to the UK.

Principal activities address:

  • Data and Information Fusion.
  • Intelligent Sensing.
  • Urban Operations.
  • Integration.
  • Integrated C4ISTAR.
  • Simulation and Modelling.
  • Supporting Technologies.

Data and Information Infusion

As well as leading the first MOD/Industry shared funding Defence Technology Centre focussing the efforts of an industrial/academic team in this area, General Dynamics UK has internal programmes developing advanced techniques for mining large volumes of public and classified, structured and unstructured, data to provide decision makers with context-relevant digested information.

Intelligent Sensing

Providing better security for deployed resources is the aim of this development area progressing the technologies to sense large areas, track objects, derive behavioural parameters, and alert security staff to suspicious events; and to do this with systems able to be rapidly and temporarily deployed as well as operate in fixed or mobile surveillance infrastructures.

Urban Operations

General Dynamics UK’s R&D programmes are attacking the problems of mapping the dynamically changing urban landscape and presenting it to users in easily comprehended form, thus amplifying their capabilities. Three dimensional photo-realistic models of urban terrain can be created in near real time by simply driving through the surveillance area; multiple information sources (geographic information systems, video, synthetics) can be presented to users in an integrated display, also enabling key information to be shared across the close support area.


In today’s and tomorrow’s Network Centric world, integrating systems and networks is a key challenge for the delivery of capability. General Dynamics UK is developing systems to enable the linking of heterogeneous systems with managed interfaces enabling protocol and format conversion, security boundary protection, and added value through hosted applications. These developments reduce risk on customer programmes through pre-integrated subsystems.

Integrated C4ISTAR

General Dynamics UK is a deliverer of fully integrated capability, and to this end our R&D projects are brought together to demonstrate (and prove) the synergies between them. General Dynamics UK also participates in the annual Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstrations, providing the UK Land Picture for the whole of the exercise and providing key integrating capabilities linking other supplier’s systems.

Simulation & Modelling

General Dynamics UK has a powerful modelling capability called BLaDE (Battlespace laboratory and Development Environment) which enables the construction and use of intelligent models reactive to their modelled environment according to doctrinal rules. This permits much simpler preparation of complex scenarios, and gives the system the flexibility to be used in computer aided training at individual and team levels, as a synthetic wrap around real equipment for testing, and as a tool for development and evaluation of alternative operational doctrines.

Supporting Technologies

Underpinning all fieldable capabilities are a wide range of critical technologies. General Dynamics UK’s R&D in several of these provide critical differentiators for our system deliveries. Work is underway in architectural frameworks, data and video processing architectures, secure infrastructures, and incrementally certifiable systems.