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Modelling, Simulation & Experimentation

Network Integration & Test Experimentation Works (NITEworks)

NITEworks is a MOD/Industry partnership set up to provide a state-of-the-art facility for Network Enabled Capability (NEC)-related experimentation.

There are 9 Industry Partners (BAE Systems (lead partner), EDS, EADS, LogicaCMG, MBDA, QinetiQ, Raytheon, Thales and General Dynamics UK) and 31 Industry Associates. NITEworks is based at Brennan House, Farnborough which houses the Core Team, populated by members of all Partner companies.

NITEworks came to the end of its three-year Assessment Phase contract in July 2006, with a Transition Contract taking the Partnership through to the end of 2007. A follow-on “Future” NITEworks contract is commenced in January 2007, as part of a wider MoD Defence Experimentation Capability.

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NITEworks has conducted over twenty different Themes during the Assessment Phase, covering a wide range of NEC topics across the tri-service and Joint battlespace. General Dynamics UK has participated in the following Themes:

  • Indirect Fires Integration (IFI) – Theme Lead and deployment of the Automated Deep Operations Coordination System (ADOCS) as a representative battlespace management system.
  • Command and Battlespace Management (Land) (CBM(L)) – Integration of the Common Battlefield Application Toolset (ComBAT), and Joint Command System (Logistics) (JCS(Log)) via the Joint Messaging Interoperability Gateway (JMIG), plus Subject Matter Expert support.
  • Logistics Command & Control (Logs C2) – Technical Lead, overseeing experiment design and battlespace architecture.
  • Cross-Theme Campaigns 1 & 2 (XT1/2) – Theme Lead and development of Cross-Theme Dynamic Process Model (XTDPM).
  • Land Tactical Picture (LTP) 05 – Integration of ComBAT and Joint Operational Command System (JOCS) in support of developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the LTP.
  • Battlespace Management (BM) – Deployment of both ComBAT and ADOCS to explore interoperability between current and future battlespace management systems.
  • Medium Weight Capability (MWCap) A & B – Provision of Subject Matter Experts.

General Dynamics UK is currently positioning itself to embark on the Transition Contract Themes and beyond into the “Future” NITEworks Contract.

Battlefield Laboratory & Digitisation Environment (BLaDE)

As part of its support to the deployment of a Bowman/CIP Laboratory at the Joint Effects Tactical Targeting System (JETTS) Battlelab at the Land Warfare Centre, General Dynamics UK.

We provide a number of software applications and models developed as part of its Battlespace Laboratory and Digitisation Environment (BLaDE) capability to provide Computer Generated Forces (CGF) that:

  • Stimulate BCIP equipment into generating realistic Own Station Position Report (OSPR), Consolidated Position Report (CPR) and Requests, Returns & Reports (R3) traffic.
  • Incorporate cognitive behaviour models, removing the need for extensive scripting and “man-in-the-loop” (eg, EXCON) intervention.
  • Capture current doctrine, provided by C2DC.
  • Execute realistic scenarios, based on EX STALWART WARRIOR.