Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV)


Scout SV is the replacement for British Army’s CVR(T) fleet and will provide the Army with a modern, extremely well-protected and highly capable platform for the conduct of manned reconnaissance. Based on a proven in-service European design, it is being developed specifically to meet the British Army’s requirement by a team of General Dynamics engineers in Britain and mainland Europe.

The Scout turret, designed by Lockheed Martin UK, mounts sophisticated Thales UK sights with detection and identification ranges which are more than the double that of the in-service BGTI system. These are integrated with crew stations, via the latest in GVA-compliant Open Architectures, allowing the crew to capture, analyse, manipulate and store over 6TBs of intelligence and to share this intelligence in real or very near real time.

The Scout’s owes its outstanding mobility to a combination of an extremely powerful 805bhp engine and a 7 wheel-station running gear, incorporating a sophisticated dual-rate suspension. The result is a top speed of 70kph and terrain accessibility that is far superior to in-service vehicles.

Scout SV has been designed to a rating of 42 tonnes, and incorporates a fully proven transmission rated at 45 tonnes.  This means the load carrying ability of ASCOD SV meets the full Specialist Vehicle requirement now and won't require a major upgrade programme to deliver all the variants.

Scout SV offers tonnes of value to the UK Defence Industrial Base. Its Intellectual Property will be based in the UK, part of the sovereign capability available to the British Government. By value, 80% of the vehicle manufacture will be completed in the UK, with 70% of the supply chain companies UK-based. Overall, Scout SV will create or safeguard thousands of highly skilled jobs in the UK.
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We have been building 8x8 wheeled AFVs for 30 years. We are therefore managing an evolution of a proven design, rather than ironing out many of the problems that inevitably arise with brand new first generation designs. Based on a pedigree of more than 9,000 vehicles, PIRANHA V will be the fifth-generation of a very well-proven and admired family of wheeled utility vehicles. It is being developed specifically to meet the UK's Utility Vehicle requirements.

Its design will benefit from the long heritage of reliable and highly capable platforms that have grown to accommodate increased payloads and increased protection levels of up to 40 per cent over the last 20 years, without compromising reliability or performance. Our experience of managing weight growth gives us great confidence that we will accommodate the 30-year growth potential of 10-15 per cent required.

  • PIRANHA V has greatly enhanced survivability, uniquely benefitting from direct experience of PIRANHA on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • PIRANHA V will incorporate the most up-to-date survivability features, from base levels of protection and integrated mine-protected seats to the physical layout that will minimise the effects of secondary projectiles. PIRANHA V is designed to save soldiers' lives
  • Our mobility solution will underpin the improved payload capability of PIRANHA V, offering the growth potential to accept additional survivability enhancements without significant compromise to performance
  • PIRANHA V can generate increased power to meet modern electrical demands, and has a power management system that will enable the effective use of additional survivability technologies as they become available for use. We can provide a Euro V emissions compliant vehicle
  • PIRANHA V will have significant additional internal capacity over the existing fleet of vehicles. This will ease the burden on stowage and the carriage of supporting weaponry and materiel
  • The weight of PIRANHA V section vehicle at IOC, 26 tonnes, is well within the MoD's weight envelope for the demands of rapid deployment in the A400M. This gives an additional 4 tonnes (up to 30 tonnes) payload without the need for increased power or structural modifications
  • PIRANHA V offers the greatest growth potential for capability upgrade of its class
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Our experience

  • We are the world's leading wheeled AFV supplier, producing Stryker, LAV, PIRANHA, ASCOD and Pandur at the heavier end of the scale; as well as the lighter protected mobility platforms such as the Eagle 4x4, RG31, Pandur 6x6 and the Duro off-road tactical transport vehicle
  • We are also a major tracked vehicle supplier, producing the Abrams tank and its associated upgrades, the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, Leopard 2, and Pizarro
  • We have major production facilities in the US, Canada, Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all capable of manufacturing and integrating complete systems and with the capacity and resources to deliver vehicles cost-effectively
  • We have world leading engineering skills at MOWAG, General Dynamics' Centre of Excellence for wheeled vehicles, and at General Dynamics UK
  • General Dynamics UK has a proven track record in levering global technology to benefit the UK industrial base. This history stretches back to the early 1960's and Nimrod Sonar Buoy detection technology, through support to UK aircraft and rotorcraft projects and the on-going delivery of Bowman. The Company has successfully exported UK technology to the US, Canada and Europe
  • General Dynamics UK has installed Bowman into 77 platform types (13,000 vehicles) with 3,000 different installation configurations. This gives us a unique understanding of integrating complex digital electronic systems into new and legacy platforms.
  • With Stryker, a variant of PIRANHA III, General Dynamics has already demonstrated the necessary experience of delivering an industrial programme of this scale and pace.
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AHED chassis concept TDP

AHED – Electric Drive Technology

AHED during UK Demo TrialsGeneral Dynamics UK, in association with General Dynamics Land Systems, was awarded a contract by Atkins Limited, for the Chassis Concept (CC) Technology Demonstration Programme (TDP). The CC TDP was an 18-month programme to demonstrate the readiness of electric drive technology for integration into a common  platform. General Dynamics UK's offering was based on the Advanced Hybrid Electric Drive (AHED) 8x8 wheeled demonstrator, which incorporated both in-hub electric drive and hybrid power, two key enabling technologies with the potential to transform the design of future armoured fighting vehicles.

In testing, the AHED has demonstrated exceptional performance and reliability in 16, 18 and 20 US ton configurations and has recorded more than 6000 km of cross-country and road running with an availability of over 90 percent. General Dynamics UK successfully completed extended running and mobility trials of the AHED in a 20 ton configuration.

Mine blast testing conducted by General Dynamics demonstrated there are no survivability issues unique to E Drive technologies. Testing also proved the E Drive technologies and associated hull structure design to be extremely robust when subjected to STANAG level mine blasts.

Feasibility studies conducted by General Dynamics demonstrated the AHED in-hub E Drive technologies retained their mobility and whole life cost advantages when scaled up to the 25 to 30 tonne gross vehicle weight range.

The AHED 8x8 electric drive technology gives a wheeled vehicle near-tracked performance with reduced whole life cost and enhanced deployability. The in-hub electric drive is reliable across the range of anticipated operational mission profiles. With over 350 kW from the hybrid power source and independent traction control in each wheel station, the AHED 8x8 can operate in terrain that would defeat conventional wheeled vehicles. In addition, the vehicle is specifically designed to demonstrate the ability of vehicle component commonality to reduce part counts and enable ease of maintenance. These features help minimise the logistics footprint and whole life costs. The electric drive technology, when further matured, is a contender for the drive and power demands of the Group 2 and later platforms and technology insertion into the wider fleet in due course.

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Specialist Vehicle supplier information

General Dynamics UK is currently tendering a number of sub-systems for the SV Programme. Please click here for more information.

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