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Avionics and Air NEC


General Dynamics UK is a world leader in the integration of Mission Systems. The company operates in an Integrated Product Team (IPT) environment to ensure that systems fully meet the requirements, while maintaining the flexibility required to ensure that cost, risk and in service support aspects are not compromised.

Capabilities range from definition and requirements capture through equipment design, rig and ground integration trials to, if appropriate, ground and flight trials. The companies recognised safety certification allows full customer support with analysis and data to provide full weapon certification for platforms.

  • Mission and Weapon Systems Integration
  • Requirements Capture
  • Detailed Design
  • Ground and Flight Trials
  • Integrated Processes
  • Comprehensive Accreditation

This capability is underpinned by a comprehensive range of accreditations, including SEI CMM Level 3 - one of only a few companies outside the USA to have been accredited to level 3 of the software capability maturity model.

Company processes provide a well-established framework covering all programme aspects from programme capture to in service support. The engineering and manufacturing integrated product development process gives clear task definition and ownership, encourages integrated teamwork with customers and suppliers and provides schedule stability and predictability.

These considerable capabilities, processes and expertise are brought together to ensure successful completion of any integration, hardware or software development programme.

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Tactical Information Exchange Capability (TIEC)

General Dynamics UK was selected in 2004 to work in partnership with BAE Systems to provide Harrier GR9 and Tornado GR4 with battlespace situational awareness. The TIEC integrated sub-system is being developed by a team led by Mission Systems, comprising Rockwell Collins and Innovative Concepts. It will use data exchanged via the onboard Link 16 terminal and/or the Improved Data Modem to generate and display tactical information on the platform’s head-down displays. The sub-system integrates a number of key technologies including digital mapping, real time embedded databases, track management, advanced software architecture (ASAAC) which keeps the software application independent of the processor hardware and data recording, as well as the specific datalink parsers. The programme is in the final stages of the Assessment Phase, with technology readiness level (TRL) 6 demonstrations and Main Gate business case submission scheduled for later this year.

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Apache Bowman Connectivity

ApacheA data communications system that provides bi-directional ground-to-air connectivity between Bowman-enabled ground based assets and the WAH Apache helicopter.

The solution centres on a mobile gateway, based on proven Improved Data Modem (IDM) technology, which is used in conjunction with modified Apache Mission Planning software package.

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Spanish EF-18

A tactical pilot awareness computer that provides an advanced computing architecture for the execution of platform applications along with embedded digital mapping and IDM capabilities which provide interoperability with other assets such as the Typhoon.

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Spanish FAC

A ground based computing solution that allows forward aircraft controllers data connectivity with IDM enabled air assets.

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Lynx Wildcat

General Dynamics UK is contracted to provide the Tactical Processor for the Lynx Wildcat helicopter programme. The Tactical Processor project will deliver the processing platform for the operational flight programme through an ASAAC software architecture providing access to integrated video conversion and distribution, digial mapping through SoftMap® and solid state recording. The Tactical Processor also incorporates Bowman capability.

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Eurofighter / Typhoon

General Dynamics UK is the prime contractor for the communications audio management unit, which includes IDM technology, the video voice recorder and the dedicated warnings panel. Workshare partner for the attack and navigation computer and the armament control system, and subcontractor for the mission de-brief system and decoy dispenser I/F unit.

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SoftMap ®

Softmap 2

Whether on the ground, the sea or in the air, SoftMap® provides full digital map and enhanced situational awareness.

Any application that requires digital mapping can use SoftMap as its core. SoftMap is a platform-independent software solution offering rapid, intelligent, coherent and precise multi-layered digital map, navigation and terrain displays through to full tactical situation awareness.

Key capabilities of SoftMap include:

  • Enhanced Digital Map
  • Smooth moving or fixed position, slewable display
  • North up or rotated
  • Wide US and European vector, raster and matrix map and navigation data support
  • Mixed and merged vector, raster and matrix based layers
  • Navigational layers
  • Softmap 1Mission support
  • Tactical awareness
  • Threat and line of sight processing
  • 3D visualisation
  • Digital information and imagery display
  • Rapid HMI development tool compatibility

SoftMap uses the platform-independent OpenGL graphics API and requires minimal operating system support to operate. As a result, SoftMap can be hosted on a wide range of platforms from embedded environments through to personal computers.

SoftMap Studio

Softmap 4SoftMap Studio is a Microsoft Windows application that gives the user full control over digital map formats and prepares the SoftMap map database used in the embedded environment. SoftMap Studio is the key to offering a range of SoftMap functionality according to different needs.

SoftMap 178

General Dynamics UK can supply a certification pack which contains artefacts to support platform certification to DO-178B

SoftMap Support and Integrated Solutions

Softmap 5General Dynamics UK can provide a range of support services for developing and deploying SoftMap- based systems to assist rapid and low risk integration. Where the standard SoftMap product does not exactly match customer requirements, General Dynamics UK can provide services to tailor SoftMap to meet those specific needs. General Dynamics UK can also offer a range of SoftMap-based integrated solutions from embedded single card systems to completely integrated turnkey solutions.

SoftMap partnering

PresagisGeneral Dynamics UK Ltd have partnered with Presagis to highlight the compatibility and increased benefit of developing applications using SoftMap with the Presagis VAPS HMI tool.

To find out more about VAPS from Presagis go to, or contact them at

Proven Digital Map Capability

General Dynamics UK has over 15 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of advanced digital mapping solutions, from delivery of SoftMap software through to fully integrated systems.

SoftMap enquiries

To find out how SoftMap can solve your situational awareness requirements contact the SoftMap Solutions team at General Dynamics UK by e-mail at

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