Bowman Soldier Painting

Solutions & Capabilities

Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV)

AJAX is the MoD's programme to deliver a fleet of tracked armoured vehicles to the British Army that is rapidly deployable, network-enabled, capable of operating across the spectrum of operations; and protected against the most likely threats. These vehicles are expected to be in service for up to 40 years.

Avionics and Air NEC

A tactical processing system that provides the computing platform for the operational flight programme along with integrated video conversion and distribution, digital mapping and solid state recording capabilities. The system also provides access to Bowman data services via the ARC 341 radio.

Bowman - Command Battlespace Management (Land) (CBM(L))

General Dynamics UK is the Prime Contractor and Systems Integrator for Bowman, the tactical C4I system for the British armed forces. Bowman delivers a step change in capability over the Clansman family of radios through its security, data capability, reliability and resilience against Electronic warfare (EW) attack.

C4I Systems

Building upon the proven delivery experience gained through the design, development, integration, test, delivery and support of the Bowman Tactical Voice/Data communications to the UK Armed Forces, our dedicated International Sales and Marketing team are now offering these services to our customers world-wide.

Digitised Training Solutions & Services

The Defence Information Infrastructure (Future) (DII(F)) Project is a £4Bn ten year defence procurement programme to develop, implement, operate, manage and deliver a wide range of services to Ministry of Defence personnel across the globe. Services include messaging, web access, collaboration, office automation, data management, directory, interoperability, end-to-end service management, security and application hosting services.

ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance)

General Dynamics UK is a leading provider of ISTAR capability. The company delivers a family of ISTAR capabilities to domestic and export customers, which range from integrated systems through to the provision of specific technologies, products and sub-systems.

Modelling, Simulation & Experimentation

NITEworks is a MOD/Industry Partnership set up to provide a state-of-the-art facility for Network Enabled Capability (NEC)-related experimentation. There are 10 Industry Partners (BAE Systems (lead partner), EDS, EADS, Finmeccanica UK Ltd, LogicaCMG, MBDA, QinetiQ, Raytheon, Thales and General Dynamics UK) and 31 Industry Associates. NITEworks is based at Brennan House, Farnborough which houses the Core Team, populated by members of all Partner companies.

Research & Development

General Dynamics UK's Research and Development (R&D) programme extends from basic research to advanced development and integration of technologies.