February 8th 2012 - General Dynamics UK estimates potential export value of Specialist Vehicle programme

  • SV programme has potential to generate export revenues for the UK of £1.3 billion in its first 16 years.
  • Estimate based on countries who have already expressed interest in buying SV.
  • A further number of foreign nations currently use aging CVR(T) vehicles. They may choose SV as a replacement vehicle which would represent additional opportunity. Many of these countries echo British Army vehicle choices.

London, United Kingdom – General Dynamics UK recently commissioned a market study which estimated the potential export value of the Specialist Vehicle (SV) programme as £1.3 billion or more in the first 16 years of the programme, based on expressions of interest from a number of countries.Conducted by the accountancy firm Ernst & Young, the study also indicates that the final export value of the SV programme could be larger as more countries are expected to replace their tracked combat reconnaissance vehicle [CVR(T)] fleets at some point during the 30-year SV programme.

On announcing the export potential of SV, Dr. Sandy Wilson, president and managing director of General Dynamics UK, said, “Exports are a core part of this Government’s approach to major procurements as highlighted in its White Paper last week. Not only can exports of SV deliver significant return on investment to the public purse, but they can also facilitate strong ties between the UK and its overseas partners. To make this valuable export potential a reality, however, the SVprogramme will need to be successfully procured on behalf of the British Army.”

A number of foreign nations, including those who have already expressed interest in SV, are currently operating CVR(T), a UK-developed combat platform. Many of these countries have historically chosen to procure the same vehicle systems used by the British Army, and the study assumes that SV is likely to be of interest to those nations as they update their current fleets.

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