July 26th 2011 - General Dynamics UK to deliver BCIP Sustainment Programme with cost savings to MoD

General Dynamics UK has been awarded the £110 million Bowman ComBAT Information and Platform BISA (BCIP) Sustainment Programme contract by the UK Ministry of Defence.

"This contract secures the future of Bowman for the British Armed Forces and ensures significant cost savings for the MoD and the British taxpayer," explained Andrew Browne, vice president, C4I Systems at General Dynamics UK. "It also ensures that the user gets the latest capability rapidly, easily and effectively, and that the UK maintains an important sovereign core capability and skills base."

With the BCIP Sustainment contract, General Dynamics UK will deliver:

  • Cost savings over the previous sustainment programme by integrating lessons learnt during previous sustainment and upgrade programmes;
  • The latest capability to the British Forces at a rapid pace;
  • Seamlessly integrated in-service support and development activities to incrementally deliver the latest capability to the user as soon as it is ready; and
  • Planned migration from the newly delivered BCIP 5.4 capability to BCIP 5.5 within two years.

The integrated elements of the BCIP Sustainment Programme consist of: Design, Development & Manufacture; Training; Field services; Supply Support Services; Technical Assurance Services; and Logistics Information Services and Integrated Logistics Support to manage equipment availability.

The BCIP Sustainment Programme will also continue the process of simplifying the user’s experience of Bowman by providing an integrated managed baseline increment (BCIP5.5) for fielding in 2013. Key benefits of this baseline increment will include a reduction in training across the board; increased interoperability through Microsoft® Office products; increased availability through the Bowman

External Messaging System (BEMS); increased interoperability and availability through improved automation and validation of the latest NATO compliant Land Environment Message Set (LEMS); incorporation of the latest version of the Tactical Network Gateway (TNG) and Human Computer Interface (HCI) lessons learnt from monitoring User exercises in BATUS 2010 as finally improved printer drivers.

The programme will make significant steps towards unifying the end user’s "Office Experience" when moving between MoD systems in theatre, whilst maximising compatibility with parallel UOR developments.

BCIP5.4, which was delivered by General Dynamics UK earlier this year, is simpler for troops to use thanks to a new version of ComBAT, provides enhanced battle planning thanks to new communications information planning (CI) tools, a more stable and robust tactical internet, improved situational awareness, and above all is lighter for the troops to carry. In addition it allows for Bowman voice and data information to be transferred outside the Bowman architecture to other British Army communications systems like Overtask, and provides even better Command and Control (C2).

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