November 5th 2009 - General Dynamics UK-led team delivers FRES SV bid

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Offers ASCOD SV vehicle and selects Lockheed Martin UK INSYS as turret provider

General Dynamics has submitted its bid to provide the British Army’s next generation of reconnaissance Armoured Fighting Vehicles.

The General Dynamics team, led by General Dynamics UK, is offering a low-risk evolution of the ASCOD Infantry Fighting Vehicle, already in use with the Spanish and Austrian armies, for the Specialist Vehicle element of the Future Rapid Effect System (FRES SV). The ASCOD SV vehicle will have the best mobility in its class, with tremendous growth potential for optimum survivability for British troops against the threats of the future. General Dynamics has integrated turrets from every leading manufacturer onto its vehicles, and has selected Lockheed Martin UK INSYS as its turret provider for the Scout variant of FRES SV.

FRES SV GroupshotDr Sandy Wilson, President and Managing Director of General Dynamics UK, said: "General Dynamics’ ASCOD SV has leap-frogged its rival for FRES. Based on a proven European design, ASCOD SV is the latest-generation vehicle developed specifically for FRES SV by a team of GD’s British and European engineers.  It is a low-risk choice for FRES SV, with excellent weight and growth potential. Our UK engineering talent and experience means that General Dynamics UK is now the country’s leading integrator of Armoured Fighting Vehicles. We're offering a new solution with best-of-class technology and the confidence that comes from our track record of being trusted to deliver.”

In accordance with the Defence Industrial Strategy and the AFV Sector Strategy, the bid makes full use of General Dynamics UK’s indigenous Armoured Fighting Vehicle integration capability, based in South Wales and Gloucestershire, with experience of pioneering Electronic Architectures and integrating over 13,000 of the entire British Army vehicle fleet as the UK’s Bowman prime contractor. The bid draws upon the global capability of General Dynamics European Land Systems, one of the world’s leading suppliers of Armoured Fighting Vehicles, in delivering programmes to Britain’s allies on time, on budget, with low risk.

Lockheed Martin UK has been selected as one of the only UK-based companies with the knowledge, skills and experience to integrate the 40mm Case Telescopic Weapon System, mandated as the cannon system for FRES SV and the Warrior Lethality uplift programmes.

Commenting on the selection of Lockheed Martin UK as turret provider, Dr Wilson said: “As experts in the integration of AFV electronic architectures and turrets, General Dynamics is used to selecting the best for our customers. We have selected Lockheed Martin UK INSYS as our turret provider for FRES SV because we believe that MOD will benefit significantly.  The systems integration and engineering skills of the two companies will ensure that the British Army gets the very best.”

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