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EvO Industry Day – 20 July

General Dynamics UK is holding an EVO Industry Day on 20 July 2017 at the Celtic Manor in Newport, Wales. The event will outline currently anticipated support required by General Dynamics UK as part of the Evolve to Open (EVO) Transition Partner contract.

The event will provide an overview of the Transition Partner programme, including programme timelines and how this Agile development is planned to integrate the initial realisation of the MORPHEUS architecture. General Dynamics UK will also outline the measures required to avoid potential conflict of Interest between support to the Transition Partner execution and competing in the broader MORPHEUS supply chain.

The areas of focus that General Dynamics UK currently plans to reach out to industry support for, include the following:

– Engineering Services (Systems Architecture and Systems Engineering support)
– Software development
– Contract manufacturing
– Design and delivery of an Audio Ancillary device for a VoIP Client
– Vehicle Mission Recorder
– Smart Computing Display
– Frequency Management Software
– Hardware and software products

If you would like to attend, please click here: